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WMC is a multimedia production company that specializes in video content and brand marketing. We drive your brand forward using the best practices and strategies of emerging technology. We optimize and position your brand for impact and results.

Our content spans corporate, documentary, broadcast, crowdfunding, and community projects.


“Great professional and truly passionate about what she does. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her and working on a few projects together, during which she trained me. Above all, I was impressed with Jessica’s ability to handle multiple projects. She is a true leader with a strong background. Her patience, communication skills, and positive attitude made her an outstanding member of the team.”

- Elena Vitiazeva, Apple

“She is a wealth of knowledge in her expertise who strives to support and develop her team for success. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for leadership within their organization.”

- Marc Domingo, Apple

“Jessica works fairly autonomously, but she knows when to interact with her stakeholders and subject matter experts to ensure the success of her projects.” - Lindsay Dilworth, Google

“She is an excellent video producer. Overall we're elated at the result and have already requested to bring her on another engagement.”

- Julien Jacquet, Google

“At Google, Jessica has proven herself to be detail-focused and thoughtful in her approach to creating brand videos, working start to finish across every stage of the production process. She creates orderly processes and workflows on her own initiative, and asks vital questions. Best of all, she throws herself into full ownership of projects, clearly demonstrating her personal investment in the highest video standards.” - Meredith Castile, Google

“Jessica is a true creative artist. She took technical products and spun them into beautiful movies where consumers could easily understand the value proposition. It helped our signups tremendously, and I highly recommend her work.”

- Naomi Assaraf, cloudHQ

“I didn't have to request that she go back to find footage of any key messaging - she didn't miss a thing, as far as finding and presenting what we wanted to communicate in an organized, brand-appropriate, and highly watchable way.”

- Jennifer Mathias, GoSmile

“Jessica produced a promotional video for our new mobile app. Jessica did a fantastic job capturing the message we were going for in the video and delivering materials on time.”

- Hadara Alook, Jajah

“Jessica has a great attitude and a tireless worker. Often when everyone had left office Jessica was there doing her research, so our job would be efficient as possible. Her service and enthusiasm was welcome in our studio, undoubtedly she'll be a great asset at any organization she pursues.” - Daniel Murphy, CBS

“Her knowledge in video and photography adds greatly to our work-flow. Her research and content involvement in the company social media channels is outstanding.”

- Susanne Rector, SDC Security

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